• Hops!

    For many, hops are the most exciting ingredient in beer. When talking to anyone about hops the first thing you will probably hear as the fun fact of the day, they’re closely related to marijuana. Don’t get too excited though, hops contain no THC.

    Hops provide a lot of the aromatic character and majority of the bittering character within beer. Traditional hop varieties were quite low in Alpha acids and require... Read More >

  • Yeast and Bacteria

    Yeast is the magic ingredient in beer that transforms sugar into carbon dioxide (CO2) and Ethyl Alcohol.  There are an enormous variety of yeasts both on the market and in the wild ready to capture, however there is one key difference between yeast that helps us to identify what species it is and how it will behave through fermentation. Simply put, yeast breaks into two categories, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, and Saccharomyces Pastorianus. The notable difference between these two and how we do... Read More >

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