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  1. Icemaster G40 - Icebank / Glycol Chiller - Digital

    Icemaster G40 - Icebank / Glycol Chiller - Digital

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    The Icemaster G40 is a commercial grade icebank/glycol chiller that is extremely compact yet offers high performance for small to medium volume customers, so it is ideally suited to small bars, café’s and restaurants it can also be used as a glycol chiller for jacketed fermenters or bright beer tanks

    The chiller includes impeller and pump ready to flood the font of your choice. Unlike other models the tank in this model is completely enclosed and insulated including the lid, this aids cooling performance and ultimately means you have less heat ingress and therefore a smaller power bill. The stainless steel input and output tubes are mounted to the side of the machine making them easier to install and also more suitable for bar installations where the height clearance is limited under the bar. This unit can be used as an icebank but due to the fact that it has a digital controller already installed it is also suitable for usage with glycol right out of the box.  Glycol chilling will enable you to completely freeze up your flooded font when setting the font at sub‐zero temperatures on the digital controller


    Pump: Impeller+Pump Combination
    Product Lines: 4 Stainless Steel Product Lines (4 x 11meter Coils)
    Product Line Size: 304 Stainless Steel Coils (8mm OD x 7mm ID)
    Icebank: 22kg Icebank (when using water)
    Tank Capacity: 40L Water Capacity
    Cooling Capacity: 780watt Cooling Capacity.
    Typical Product Cooling Capacity: 60Litres in the first hour, 35Litres each additional hour
    Compressor Wattage: 260watt
    Refrigerant: r134a
    Dimensions: 410mm x 410mm x 660mm

    Now includes 4 castor wheels.

    Download Specifications Sheet

    Download Digital Temp Controller Instructions (after June 2017)

    Download Digital Temp Controller Menu Settings (old model)

    Download Digital Temp Controller Instructions (older model)

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  2. Replacement Impeller Pump Agitator for G40

    Replacement Impeller Pump Agitator for G40

    Price: AU$139.00

    Replacement Impeller Pump and Agitator for G40 This impeller pump can both pump coolant through a cooling loop to a font as well as agitate the coolant tank for efficient cooling. The agitator sits about 200mm below the mounting plate. Power: 220 - 240v, 35 watts Max head height 6.5 metres Learn More
  3. USP Approved Food Grade Glycol 99% - 5 Litres

    USP Approved Food Grade Glycol 99% - 5 Litres

    Price: AU$39.95

    Various industrial & commercial heat transfer systems operate at temperatures outside the normal freezing and boiling points of water. In order to protect heat transfer systems from freezing, bursting or boiling, a propylene glycol water mixture is used in secondary loop systems. In the case of cooling systems the heat transfer fluid is used to reduce the freezing point below operational temperatures, whereas the heat transfer fluid is used to increase the boiling temperatures in alternative applications. Propylene Glycol is one such heat transfer fluid commonly used as a secondary cooling & heating, anti-freeze, coolant for beverage cooling / glycol systems, food manufacturing / processing systems, VAC applications, laser cutting, milk & wine production equipment.

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